Extra, Extra! Buffalo Exchange Spring/Summer Zine Is Out Now!

Buffalo Exchange Spring Summer Zine

By Jessica Pruitt

April showers bring…our latest spring/summer zine! As the weather warms up, we’re loving bright colors and fun patterns from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s – don’t miss our “Trends We loved and Still Do” pages for some of our favorite pieces. Whether you’re doing a general spring clean or paring down as you move out of a dorm room, be sure to read Professional Organizer Star Hansen’s handy tips for tackling your closet. Plus, since we’re celebrating 45 years of business and fashion this year, we share a quick timeline of Buffalo Exchange history. Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to pick up a free copy of the zine or check it out online!


Finding the Joy in Your Closet Cleanout

Star Hansen chimes in with some surprising tips to help you get your closet just a little more organized. One of her top tips? The more categories, the better! Categorize by function rather than color, she advises, and use closet rod dividers to label each section. She believes that a happy closet = a happy you, so pick up a copy of our latest zine to find out more!



Summer Bag Trends We Love

Looking for ways to add a little zip to your spring wardrobe? It’s all in the accessories! Peek some of our favorite spring bags – from bright and fuzzy to holographic to fresh takes on a classic wicker bag – at Buffalo Exchange Houston.


Fashion Furey

Furey is a Buyer at Buffalo Exchange Tucson. He’s always been into fashion, but he’s been especially inspired since he started working in the store. “The biggest shift in my sense of style,” he says, “has come from being inspired by my coworkers. Each one is confident, stylish and driven and, most importantly, themselves.”


Top Laundry Tips

If you often spill coffee on your white T-shirts (guilty as charged) or shrink your favorite sweaters, then don’t miss our laundry care tips from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque.

This is just a taste of the fun warm-weather styles in our latest zine, so stop by your local Buffalo Exchange to pick up your own copy. And while you’re at it, bring in your closet cleanout! We’re buying for spring, summer and the best of all seasons!