Pack Like a Minimalist and Pack a Punch

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach spring break packing tips

By Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach

Who said packing light had to be a drag? Make a statement this spring break by letting the clothes do the work for you! By choosing fewer, more versatile pieces, you can create effortless outfits with less space in your carry-on! This way, you’ll have more time for fun in the sun.

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach packing tips 1

We created our dream spring break capsule wardrobe: 19 pieces that all work together seamlessly to provide you with a world of outfit options. Avoid checking that bag with this easy how-to guide:

  • Plan your color scheme ahead of time.  Then each piece will play well with others more easily.
  • Choose items that can do double duty. If you can’t use it at least twice, don’t pack it.

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach packing tips 3

  • Balance neutrals and bold pieces. Keep it fun by avoiding completely neutral outfits, but don’t go overboard with too many pops of color or pattern.
  • Avoid bringing too many heavy or chunky items—they’ll only weigh you down! Use your blouses as lightweight layers for when it gets chilly.

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach packing tips 3

  • Think outside the box. Dresses can turn into tops (under skirts) or skirts (under tees).

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach packing tips 4

  • Bring a bag that will provide you with a lot of options. We chose a backpack that could work for a day at the beach or a night on the town.
  • Keep your comfort in mind. Don’t bring anything that’ll restrict you from having fun or being spontaneous!

Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach packing tips 5

Have fun with it! At the end of the day, it’s about being yourself without having to overthink it. Let Buffalo Exchange help you curate your spring style! Visit a Buffalo Exchange near you for similar styles.