Spotlight on Timeless Style: Meet Albuquerque Customer Maxine Pozega

Buffalo Exchange New Mexico Timeless Style

By Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque

Maxine Pozega is a long-time Buffalo Exchange customer, first becoming an avid shopper when the Albuquerque store opened over 20 years ago. As a young woman, Maxine had dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She has always had a passion for clothing and often makes her own embellishments and alterations to her unique vintage wardrobe. Maxine also loves finding beads and semi-precious stones to re-string into custom pieces . At 82 years young, Maxine is a bold spirit with a timeless style – follow along as we get to know her a little better!

Buffalo Exchange Timeless Style

What drew you to Buffalo Exchange and what keeps you coming back?

I have become addicted to Buffalo Exchange! I always find great value and quality items. More importantly, the warmth, courtesy and enthusiasm with which I am treated make every visit enjoyable and worthwhile.

Buffalo Exchange Timeless style

If you had to pick a decade to live in for the fashion, which would you choose and why?

I have enjoyed them all!  Probably somewhere in between the 30s and present day. Each era has its own unique flavor and its own timeless style – I love finding those pieces that never go out of date!

What are your favorite pieces that make up your timeless style?

I have so many! The most recent was a custom-made hat from a Santa Fe hat shop. I receive so many compliments on my clothing! People are amazed that the clothing and accessories I wear can be found at Buffalo Exchange. There is a preconceived idea that the merchandise there is more youthful. Are they ever wrong! My wardrobe is almost entirely from Buffalo Exchange. My experience with Buffalo Exchange has been so special.

Maxine’s mix of gumption and timeless style makes her  truly one-of-a-kind. She spends her days caring for her family, working on her many projects and stopping by Buffalo Exchange as often as possible! She’s always on the lookout for quality fabrics like linen, silk and cotton with beautiful details. We love the way she dances around the store, looking for a fabric that calls to her, and how she often shares a funny story or two. Thanks for shopping with us, Maxine!