Six Tips to Selling

By Stephanie Lew, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

uffalo ExchangeA change of season often results in a change of closet. It’s the best time to be most in tune with what to keep and what to sell. When you are ready to sell and trade, grab it all and bring it in to Buffalo Exchange. Here are six tips to get the most for your clothing:

IMG_4212_EDIT1. Rotate your clothing often

  • Clean out your closet seasonally, quarterly or more often than that. The moment you know you won’t wear it again or you’re over it, it means it’s time to go! Avoid letting too much time pass or you may run out of time to sell the trend.

IMG_0049 2. Bring in unique and vintage items

  • If there’s one thing that we love its unique pieces and vintage clothing. We’re always looking for classic vintage from rock tees to ‘50s dresses.


3. Bring in the best of all seasons

  • Do not hesitate bringing in great jackets during warmer months. If it’s a nice jacket, we want it—sizzling hot outside or not.

IMG_4231_EDIT4. Clean and in great condition

  • Condition is one of the top things our buyers look at. Avoid items with spots, stains or holes. A quick glance over the items before you bring them in is always helpful. Don’t forget to check for broken zippers! Also be sure to give the clothing a quick run through the wash. Fresh, clean clothes are always a must!

Buffalo Exchange5. Ask the buyers

  • Next time you drop in, ask the buyers what the store is in need of. The needs change daily and weekly, so you never know. You can always call ahead and find out what we need that day!

IMG_00826. Get hands-on

  • When you sell to us we want you to stay at the counter while we buy from you. Not only will we give you the pricing up front, it’s also one of the best ways to understand our buying process. Don’t forget to ask the buyer any questions you have!

IMG_0106Lastly, here is the ultimate tip: “When in doubt, bring it in!”

See you soon!