Lessons in Style from Buffalo Exchange Shopper Mark Aubrey

Mark Aubrey, orange wall, sunglasses and hat - Blog Post header

By Aarian Frye; Photography by Furey Stirrat  

A Tucson transplant by way of the great plains, Mark Aubrey is a longtime Buffalo Exchange customer with a unique sense of style and a great appreciation for secondhand shopping. Mark grew up in Oklahoma, where his love of patterns, color and texture got a lot of attention. When he traveled down to the Southwest for grad school, he discovered Buffalo Exchange Tucson. Since then, he’s browsed his way through various locations over the past 28 years and found some amazing pieces along the way – find out what he loves about shopping resale!

Mark in silver puffy jacket

Mark with denim Jacket

Mark’s Favorite Buffalo Finds 

Since starting to shop at Buffalo Exchange, Mark has collected many pieces to round out his style – a gold pair of Oakley sunglasses and a Minnetonka bucket hat are among his favorites. In fact, the vintage leather hat is such a prized possession that, when it went missing one time, Mark’s friends created a lost-and-found post on social media. Luckily, Mark shares with a chuckle, the hat “was found stuffed between the wall and my bed’s headboard.” In keeping with his love of accessories, Mark’s favorite section in the store is the shoe wall – he’s always in search of his next pair of sneakers.

Mark with bird shirt, jean shorts and blue shoes

What does style mean to you? 

For Mark, style is all about being your authentic self. “Sometimes, we get caught up in other people’s expectations,” he says. When it comes to personal style, Mark encourages anyone who’s afraid to try a certain style to follow their heart. “Wear what you want! If it feels good, do it.”


Mark with lavander tee, tan jeans and flowers

Mark’s advice on shopping at Buffalo? 

“Only buy what you love and if you find something you like, keep it in your hand until you’ve made a decision. If you put it down, you might miss out because someone else could buy it.” On the flip side, Mark says “You also gotta let things go. Trade them, even if you love them but you’re not wearing them anymore.” Speaking of which, Buffalo Exchange offers 30% back in cash or 50% in trade on-the-spot. Ready to cash in on your closet cleanout? Take a note from Mark – pack it up and head down to your local Buffalo!

Mark with a Tropical shirt

Whether you’re still finding your fashion personality or you’ve got advanced style down pat, Buffalo Exchange is the perfect place to pull together a look that is totally your own and uniquely you. Visit your local Buffalo Exchange to shop today, but don’t forget to take Mark’s advice and bring in items to sell! Your past-favorites could be traded in for a new piece you’ll treasure for years to come.