Spend Less, Score More: Confessions of a Shopaholic-Turned-Tradeaholic

Buffalo Exchange Shopaholic-Turned-Tradeaholic

By Savannah Timpani, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Yes, it’s true – a tradeaholic is a real thing. A tradeaholic, though, is quite different from a shopaholic. We LOVE shopping, but we get to enjoy it without all the negatives. For instance, we don’t have to jeopardize our bank accounts for that pair of boots we just HAVE TO HAVE. Instead, we tradeaholics have the luxury of sustaining our fashion finances by trading in our past favorites for new finds at resale stores like Buffalo Exchange, where our craving for new styles is indulged by the constantly changing inventory.

Here are the top four reasons why I’m proud to be a resale tradeaholic:

A Shopaholic-Sized Wardrobe without the Cost

Buffalo Exchange Tradeaholic Closet

Let’s be real. Who isn’t on a budget these days? Even with a steady income, bills, bills and more bills creep through on a daily basis. With so many responsibilities, there isn’t a whole lot left over to dedicate solely to fashion. Hence, the miracle of trade. No need to have all the cash in the world for a shopping spree. Instead, look through that closet and load up a bag of past favorites to sell at your favorite resale shop. Trade in for store credit towards some need-to-have pieces and VOILA, tradeaholic status here we come.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Buffalo Exchange Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

Saving the planet by trading out my closet? I’m in! By shopping secondhand, I can help reduce waste created from clothing pollution and manufacturing demands. Sounds like a win-win for Mother Nature and my ever-evolving wardrobe.

Upgrading Your Wardrobe is Quick and Easy

Buffalo Exchange Trade your Wardrobe

By shopping resale, I never have to wait to find new pieces. Ever.  Each and every day, resale stores get new inventory. Mind blown? Yeah, I feel you. Any time they’re open, Buffalo Exchange has Buyers busy selecting new pieces for the store. They offer sellers 25% of their price in cash or 50% in trade on-the-spot and then get the items out onto the sales floor that same day. They move so fast that I’ve shopped there in the morning, afternoon and evening all in one day and found new stuff every time. Clearly, the work of a tradeaholic is never done!

You Can Find All Brands, Shapes and Sizes

Buffalo Exchange Sustainable Fashion

I love being able to find such a wide variety of brands and styles, too. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never just been one size – I’m a six in pants, a medium in blouses, a large in tees and around an eight in dresses. My body is unique, ok?! I like to have as many options for sizing as possible when I’m trying on. That way, I have a better chance of getting the right fit. Shopping is so much easier when you don’t have to go to a million different places to find what you like. Sometimes, I can even score designer gems or vintage pieces that I know I probably wouldn’t be able to find or afford otherwise, like an antique floral necklace I recently picked up. All in all, resale stores are a shopaholic-on-a-budget’s paradise.

Buffalo Exchange Employee Savannah

It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to have a closet that I can be proud of, so I make sure to revamp my wardrobe often enough that I never get bored with what I see when I open up those most-sacred doors. I owe a huge thanks to secondhand stores, especially Buffalo Exchange, for giving me that opportunity. Now, I’m able to be the fashionista I’ve always wanted to be – practical and fabulous. To start your metamorphosis into a top-notch tradeaholic yourself, bring your closet cleanout down to your favorite resale spot and get shopping! There are Buffalo Exchange locations across the country – find one near you!