FAQs – Sell By Mail

IMPORTANT UPDATE | April 12, 2021:

Due to the rising cost of shipping and the current economic climate, the option to sell your clothes by mail has been discontinued. We will still process any bags postmarked by April 11, 2021. We appreciate your support and are always buying closet cleanouts in-person at our stores.

Why are you closing this program?
Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 and the rising cost of shipping, we are not able to continue this program. We’re focused on being a sustainable style resource in the community for many years to come, so we invite you to shop and sell in-person at one of our 44 stores across the nation.


I just received a kit, what do I do with it?
Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting bags. Please recycle your kit. You can sell in person at one our 44 locations across the U.S.

I just sent my bag in, what happens now?
We’ll still be processing items for the next several weeks. As long as your bag is postmarked by April 11, we’ll process whenever we receive it and let you know your payout options. Bags postmarked after April 11 will not be accepted and might be returned to you at your own cost.

What other ways are there to sell my clothing?
We’re always accepting closet cleanouts in our 44 stores across the U.S.! We have tons of great protocols in place to make shopping in our stores safe and fun. When you sell in-store, you get paid on-the-spot and it’s easy to hold onto any items we’re unable to buy. You can also trade in your cleanout for sweet new finds. Since we pay 50% of our selling price in trade, you can easily swap your closet cleanout for a wardrobe update on-the-spot, sometimes without paying a dime. Our stores are fully stocked with spring finds, from unique pieces, vintage and designer to everyday staples. We’re buying by appointment. If you’re interested in selling, book an appointment online!

Can I drop off my bag at your store?
Yes! Just book an appointment online at your local Buffalo Exchange and bring it in. We’ll look at your items on-the-spot and you can take cash or trade that day!

Can you send back my items I just sent you since you’re closing your program?
No. Your items will be processed as normal. You’ll receive an email once your bag has arrived.


How long does the Sell By Mail process take?
The Sell By Mail process can take several weeks from start to finish. We will stay in contact with you, via email, throughout the process.

How does Buffalo Exchange determine the worth of my items?
Unlike consignment stores, which don’t pay you until your item sells, we buy outright. This means that we only buy items we know will sell in our stores. Each item is evaluated for its style and condition. If we know it’ll sell for our stores, we’ll assign a price. This price is based off the desirability, age, condition and original retail value. We’re not able to price items near what they originally retailed for so we do our best to find a happy medium between a good deal for our customers and a nice payout our sellers.

Through Sell By Mail, we offer 25% in cash via a Paypal payment or twice as much in store credit (in-store trade card) for what we’ll sell the item for. For example, if we price an item to sell at $10.00, you’ll receive $2.50 in a Paypal payment OR you can take $5.00 in a digital Store Trade Card to use at any Buffalo Exchange across the U.S.


How do I get paid for my items?
Once your items have been processed, you’ll receive an email with your payment details (if applicable). Simply follow the steps in the email to let us know if you would like a Paypal payment or a digital Store Trade Card which can be used in any of our Buffalo Exchange stores nationwide. Please note, we do not charge any fees for any of our payment options. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t hear from us!

What if I didn’t select my payment by April 11? We will still be paying out after April 11, but please select your payout as soon as possible. You will have until 6/1/2021 to finalize your payout.

Will you still be able to donate/return any items you didn’t buy?
As always, we’re able to donate any items we’re unable to buy. For any bags with a postmark date of April 11, 2021 or sooner, we will still be able to return items we were unable to purchase. For this option, please complete your bag return payment within 15 days of receiving your payout notification email.

I never heard back about my payout for the bag I sent weeks or months ago. How do I get an update?
Email SellByMail@BufEx.com and we will look into it right away for you! Also check your spam and promotions folders.


What happens to my unpurchased items?
Did you select Donate or Return when you requested your bag? If you selected Return when ordering the bag, once the bag is processed, a link will be provided to pay your $18.99 return shipping cost. Unpurchased items will be held for 15 days after your bag has been processed and you must complete payment for your return within those 15 days. You can also donate your unpurchased items to charity through our Clothing for the Community® program.

What is the Clothing for the Community® program?
Through our Clothing for the Community® program, Southern Arizona non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations can apply to receive large clothing donations from Buffalo Exchange’s Sell By Mail program. Charities can use this donation of clothing and accessories to generate money for their organization by hosting a $1 Sale. We’re ready to coach charities through this process by providing support, advice, local promotion and, of course, the inventory. Variations of this program have raised more than $80,800 since 2015.


I just found this email and the program is now closed, what do I do with the kit I still have?
Unfortunately, we’re no longer accepting bags at this point. If you’re near a Buffalo Exchange, book an appointment to sell and bring your cleanout into the store! If not, please recycle your kit. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Have a more specific question? Email us at SellByMail@bufex.com.