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By Brittany, Buffalo Exchange Sell By Mail

If you need to clean out your closet, but you’re busier than all get-out (hey, us too), make it easy on yourself! With Buffalo Exchange’s Sell By Mail program, you simply request a bag online, fill it up with your clothing and accessories and then drop it off at the UPS store. Within a few weeks, you could have cash or trade in your hands! No waiting in line required.

1) Request a bag

The first step is easy – just request a bag online! Then, keep an eye out for our bright yellow envelope in your mailbox. Your kit will contain a pre-paid UPS bag and a handy-dandy “How To Sell” card with all the info you need to know to sell your clothing.

Our pre-paid bag holds approximately 20 to 40 pieces of clothing. Some folks like to clean out their closet all at once, while others prefer to keep the bag in their closet and slowly fill it with pieces they just aren’t wearing anymore. With Sell By Mail, you can go at your own pace!

Buffalo Exchange Sell By Mail Fall

2) Clean out your closet!

Whether you’re looking to clean out your summer staples to make room for your fall/winter wardrobe or you just have a few things that haven’t been getting worn, send it in! We buy the best of all seasons, all year round. Not sure what to pack? We’re always looking for men’s and women’s current styles and trends, designer clothing and everyday staples. Through Sell By Mail, keep in mind that we do not purchase swimwear, children’s clothing and accessories, maternity clothing, intimates, counterfeits, fur or bridal wear. We also don’t buy clothing from fast-fashion and discount brands like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Target, Walmart or Kohl’s.

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3) Give it a last look

Before you drop your bag at UPS, double-check the items you’ve packed. We don’t wash or mend anything before it goes out to our stores, so before you sell your clothing, look at it under a bright light. This way, you can catch any items that need to be spot-treated or washed before sending them off.

Buffalo Exchange Sell By Mail Shirts

4) Drop your bag at UPS!

Drop off your Sell By Mail bag at any UPS store. Then, sit back and relax! Once your bag has been delivered to us, we’ll send you an email to let you know we got it. Within 3-5 business days of arrival, we’ll process each item in your bag, making selections based on style and condition, and buy any items that will sell for our stores. Within 2-4 weeks of dropping off your bag, you should have money in your pocket.

5) Get Paid!

After our buyers have processed your bag, you’ll receive an email stating the amounts of cash or trade you can choose from. You can opt for 50% of our selling price in trade (store credit that works at all Buffalo Exchange stores excluding Buffalo Outlets) or 25% in a check or PayPal payout. Once you make your selection, we’ll send out your trade card or payout within 3-5 business days.

Buffalo Exchange Sell By Mail Outfit

6) Give Back

What about the items we can’t buy? You can elect to donate your remaining items to a good cause or pay the $14.99 shipping cost to have them returned. We hold a $1 Charity Yard Sale every other month to benefit charities that may not have a need for clothing but would benefit greatly from a cash donation. So far, we’ve donated over $7,000 to various non-profit organizations through our Sell By Mail $1 sale donation program.

7) Request another bag!

All done? Enjoy your fresh new closet and money in your pocket! While you’re at it, request another Sell By Mail bag so you’ll be ready to sell your clothing any time your closet starts to get too full!










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