Seal of Approval: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

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By Christina Hebets, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Ever seen a sea lion and thought, “Dang, that is the cutest thing ever”? Yeah, us too. That’s why we feel so lucky to be sponsoring the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) through our Tokens for Bags® program. Instead of giving out plastic bags in our stores and contributing to environmental pollution, we give out charity tokens that customers can donate to one of three local non-profits.

At Buffalo Exchange Fullerton, customers have the chance to help out adorable seals and sea lions just by shopping! If you often find yourself wondering about these cute little creatures, then you’re in luck. Here are some fun facts about them from the leader in their conservation – Pacific Marine Mammal Center!

History of Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Buffalo Exchange little seal

Did you know that the sea lion conservation movement in California started with one guy on a beach? Jim Stauffer was a life guard back in 1971 when he was approached by a little girl on the beach that told him about a sick sea lion she had found. Jim ended up taking the pup to the vet and nursing it back to health at his house. After this happened a few more times, he created the Pacific Marine Mammal Center with the help of just 3 volunteers! It became the first marine mammal rehabilitation center in California.

Helping Young Pups to Swim Again

Many rescued sea lions are young pups because, when weaning from their mothers, they are more susceptible to health issues. The main challenge faced by these sea lions is dehydration. But don’t worry! The staff at PMMC are trained to treat all sorts of illnesses and, more importantly, to decide when recovered seals and sea lions are ready to go back to the ocean. This video of a group of sea lion pups being released back into the ocean is so heartwarming!

Buffalo Exchange seal blanket

Pacific Marine Mammal Center has Buffalo Exchange’s seal of approval! There are many ways to help support this wonderful cause, including donating a token every time you shop at Buffalo Exchange Fullerton, volunteering and more. Check out Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s website for more information and their Instagram for even more adorable photos of sea lions!