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By Taylor, Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Bufaflo Exchange2013 will mark my fifth year attending the Sasquatch! Music festival and I couldn’t be more excited to go again! Especially since music festivals have become akin to the runway, with festival goers in a variety of eclectic and diverse looks.

It’s taken me days to pare down the clothing that I can take with me, but I’ve finally made some decisions. Here are some of my outfit ideas;

Bufaflo Exchange Bufaflo Exchange Bufaflo ExchangeI’ll be bringing lots of jean shorts, a few loose fitting dresses and some printed pants, jeans and leggings for when the sun goes down, and my down jacket, as well as a rain coat (just in case!). I prefer boots to sandals, so I’ll have two pairs in tow, as well as a few different styles of hats and sunglasses. The key is comfort, so I tried to choose clothes I could run around in, sit around in, and dance all day in! Since the venue is a bit of a trek from the campsite, I’ll be bringing a daypack along with just the essentials; some warmer layers (the concerts go from about noon to midnight each day), my camera, snacks, a water bottle and sunscreen.

Here’s the pile of things I hope to fit in my suitcase!

Bufaflo ExchangeAnd a few more important things to bring:

  • A sound system for your campsite – Running your car stereo all weekend WILL kill the battery.
  • Dry shampoo! It works wonders on your third day without a shower
  • Tent stakes; the campsite at the gorge is an open field and it gets windy
  • Hand sanitizer (port-o-potty’s – enough said) AND..
  • WATER WATER WATER – It gets hot and you’re moving around a lot, it’s easy to get dehydrated.
  • A head lamp for finding your way around

Best of luck festival goers!