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Sam’s Favorite Blogs

Blogs, blogs and more blogs we can’t get enough. Of course we all have our favorites, from the big names, to the fun quirky ones, the all-encompassing no-hassle websites that have absolutely every bit of fashion knowledge you could hope for or the extremely fine-tuned niche markets.

BuffaloExchangeThis week we sat down with our newest Associate Manager at the Williamsburg store, Sam Corey, and asked him a few of his favorite blogs to sit down and enjoy each day.

 Honestly WTF

 A daily dose of fashion discoveries and insprations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored glasses” A great Fashion/diy blog that posts current trends and fashion trends in an easy to read format.

Sam : I enjoy their opinions they give about collections they post, and I love that they always find the best collections.

Suri’s Burn Book

 Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart A cute-humor blog where ‘Suri’ dishes on celebrity gossip, fashion, etc.

Sam : I love celebrity baby fashion and drama!

Bleach Black

A conversational Fashion Diary, is Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen’s online amalgamation of collective fashion obsessions.  Spotlighting iconic style muses, musical prodigies, DIY catastrophes / strokes-of-genius, and rarefied hot sh*t that the girls adore, is a forum for evolving their Bohemian Rocker aesthetic.

Sam : I appreciate that they are consistent with their aesthetic, consise with their opinions, and they just have an altogether rad sense of style.