Red, White and Buffalo Day!

By Rachel Safer and Hilary Short, Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

Buffalo ExchangeTo get ready for Fourth of July, we decided to help customers get into the patriotic mood (and outfits)!  We have tons of fun red, white and blue clothes. Time to stop in and get that perfect look for gazing at fireworks on the Parkway!

Buffalo ExchangeSome of our regular customers stopped by and got into the spirit with our Americana photo booth!

Buffalo ExchangeSamira and Chloe model hats perfect for shade on the go.

Buffalo ExchangeEmily scored one of our buffalo bolsas by sharing her great American Flag backpack with us!

Buffalo Exchange Some new customers showing off our beautiful painted buffalo drawing by our in-house artist, Kristen.

Buffalo ExchangeNew members of the herd, Siobhan and Kyle show their USA pride like no other!

Buffalo ExchangeLet’s not forget about Store Manager, Mike and sidekick, Sam. Cheering “Go America!”

Buffalo ExchangeMissed out on our red, white and buffalo day?  Don’t panic, there are still plenty of stars and stripes to choose from! Stop in and load up on your Americana today!

Happy July Fourth!  xoxo Philly