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Rapping for Wrapping

By Amy & Josiah, Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo Exchange (4)

Tis the season
To be crafty
That’s the reason
We got wrappy!

Here’s some tips
That we acquired
To make you
Gifts yule tide inspired.

Seamless gift wrapping

Buffalo Exchange (1)Step 1: Use the least amount of paper as possible to wrap your gift.  When cutting the paper- estimate the paper going about ¾ of the way up the sides for the ends. Not only will this save you money on wrapping paper but it also will save trees! We are all about reduced carbon foot print!

Buffalo Exchange (2)Step 2: This technique of wrapping is seamless and actually lets no tape touch the gift/box itself.  So use some double sticky tape. We were advised to use removable double sided tape just in case, but we found that the permanent stuff works way better!

Step 3: After you have cut your paper, make a crease at the end of the paper to make a folded edge instead of a cut one.  This makes for a cleaner wrapped gift. Then pull the paper as tight as possible to the edge of your gift and tape; like the photo below.

Buffalo Exchange (3)Step 4: For the ends of the present- after creasing the sides like normal (do this as tight as possible to avoid crinkling of the paper) start from the bottom first and fold the flap upwards and tape. Then the top flap is folded down- but to make this look seamless and clean- fold part of it under to achieve two triangle sides, like the red box.

Buffalo Exchange (5) Buffalo Exchange (6)Step 5: Then add some fun ribbon or button shapes tied together with bakers twine.  Finish off with a cute gift tag embellished with stamped to and from as well as a festive animal and you are set to go!

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Enjoy! Amy & Josiah