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Portland Grunge

By Mariah Munoz and Amy Hjorth, Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

Styled by McKenzie Nicholson, Sabrina Taylor, and Holly Combes

Buffalo Exchange

While Portland fashion is diverse and fun, there’s no denying that 90s grunge is influencing the fashion in our city. Take your Pendleton plaid button-up, wrap it around your waist, pair it with a daisy halter or a vintage band tee, and you have the modern day recipe for Portland grunge. You certainly won’t be able to miss all the Doc Marten’s as you glance down.

Mixing prints, loud colors, distressed denim, and layering are other ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. We expect this style to continue into fall, but with more elements of “Norm Core”. Who knew you could combine Kurt Cobain’s and Steve Job’s fashion styles and be trendy? There is no stopping the 90s from seeping through—it’s here, and here to stay!

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange