Pool Party Essentials

By Virginia, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Summer is here & you know what that means: Pool Days. Here are a few essentials to keep you cool during your summer pool parties.

Buffalo Exchange

1. Sunscreen

Look for products with a generous amount of SPF or waterproof formula, so you can apply & go. Remember to reapply throughout the day, and don’t forget your ears and nose!

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange

2. Bright, fun suits

Stand out amongst pool goers with a suit in a bright funky print. Ladies, grab a kimono for an easy breezy look or an oversized men’s button-down for tomboy style. Gents, go for a woven shirt or a tank to keep it casual. Find these styles at your local Buffalo Exchange.

buffalo exchange

3. Accessories

Our Buffalo bags make the perfect carry all for your beach towel, hat, sandals, and shades.

4. Party tunes

Never be without the perfect playlist for a summer day. Check out these tunes:

Now get out there and have a splendid summer!


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