Customers of Buffalo Exchange: Pinup Style Stars

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Customer Profile of Pinup Style Stars

By Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

Meet Fullerton’s famous twins, Jen and Christine! These pinup style stars are taking Orange County by storm with their creative mix of vintage and contemporary fashions. This fall, they were both featured by Pinup Girl Clothing and Christine’s artwork was used by Vance Clothing.

We truly admire these twins for their drive to be themselves and work together to achieve their fashion dreams! Even though these ladies are similar in looks, their hair and style sets them apart. Christine likes to keep her hair long and pin-curled, while Jen opts for a short pixie cut. They often stop by Buffalo Exchange Fullerton to shop and show off their latest outfits. Recently, we took the opportunity to find out more about their pinup style inspiration.

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Pinup Style Stars Christine and Jen

How would you describe your personal style?

Christine: I go for a more classic vintage feel, especially in terms of silhouettes, and I prefer darker tones. They create a more glamourous look. I’m especially inspired by film noir and styles from the 1920s through the 1940s.

Jen: I go for a more kitschy, fun vintage look. I love novelty prints and pairing both contemporary and vintage styles together. My favorite outfit for school is jeans with a vintage blouse. I tend to go more causal with my style, while Christine loves to get dressed up.

What started the pinup style?

Christine: Our grandmother was an antique dealer, so we have always had an appreciation for antique gems. After hanging out in a vintage store, Jen and I immersed ourselves in the vintage community. The pinup style community really supported us to try out new things.

Jen: Our style didn’t start off like this. I used to be the biggest tomboy! It took me a while to find my niche.

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Pinup Style Star Christine

Can you believe your style has gotten you where you are today?

Christine: It feels amazing to be a part of a community where people like to see you succeed! It’s been unreal seeing people wearing and posting my art everywhere.

Jen: When we did a photoshoot for Pinup Girl Clothing, I was surrounded by people who inspire me. I’ve never modeled before! Our mom was extremely proud as well; she kept telling us that we were going to be famous! We’ve been in the pinup style community for a while now and we so appreciate the opportunities we’ve had.

What’s your favorite part about Buffalo Exchange?

Christine: I love the idea of a treasure hunt. Some people don’t realize the potential that a piece of clothing can have. I love bringing clothing – especially vintage clothing – back to life. Shopping at Buffalo Exchange helps the environment and adds gems to my closet, so it’s win-win!

Jen: I love that Buffalo Exchange has a mixture of everything. Whether I’m looking for an outfit to wear to an event or something casual, Buffalo Exchange has it! It’s great to be able to find quality pieces that will last for a long time, especially being on a student budget.

Buffalo Exchange Fullerton Pinup Style Star Jen

Do you have any style advice?

Jen: Life is too short to be boring!

Christine: Creating the perfect style doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself time to mold a personal style that you really love.

Want to know more about crafting the perfect vintage-inspired outfits? Follow  Jen and Christine on Instagram for daily pinup style inspiration.