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Phoenix Spring Forecast

By Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

Buffalo Exchange employee styled in sheer empire waisted tunic with dark wash skinny jeans and gray booties.

Our location is a melting pot of styles and trends. Within a ten minute drive from our store you could be in midtown Phoenix with a plethora of vintage resale stores, the timeless art district with creative free spirited local designers, or even old town Scottsdale with the upscale boutiques and high-end department stores.

Due to our proximity to all these areas, we rarely see two people dressed alike. Yet, we still find ourselves in awe of the uniqueness of street fashion in Phoenix. Many of our different customers often buy similar pieces but style them completely different. Whether it’s something as simple as a polka-dot chambray button-up or an old pair of light wash distressed 501s, we constantly see our customers embracing their individual styles and really making their own looks. All-in-all some of the most popular trends that we have been seeing at our store is a cross between bohemian gypsy and ‘90s grudge, for instance, pairing ripped black skinny jeans and bold floral Doc Martens with a fringe gypsy poncho and a denim Levi’s jacket. It’s a style that we surely love over here and are very certain we will see it carry into the spring season. Over the next couple of months our fashion forecast predicts a lot of big print floral, paisley and neon to be a hit for the upcoming season in the Southwest.

Buffalo Exchange employee styled in tribal inspired frock with fringe details and navy and black strip quarter length sweater. Accessories include black combat boots.

Buffalo Exchange employee styled in dark denim jean jacket, polka-dot button-up and dark jeans with tan work boots.