The Pets of Buffalo: We’re covering Fido with our new friends at FIGO

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By Jennifer Forster, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Our family members are important to us and, whether they walk on two legs or four, we believe they deserve the same level of care. Buffalo Exchange and FIGO recently teamed up to offer pet health insurance for our employee’s cats and dogs. We believe this benefit will provide relief to those pet parents who may someday face an unexpected vet bill.

As we all know, loving a pet goes far beyond daily walks and handing out chew toys.  The bond between a person and their animal is something that can be difficult to describe and impossible to replace. This is why we are now offering pet bereavement leave in addition to pet health insurance.  Following the death of a pet, our employees can take one excused day away from work to help cope with the loss of an animal companion.  We know that letting go can be hard, and we hope to make saying goodbye to a beloved pet just a little bit easier.

Animal companions enrich our lives in so many ways and the bond between a pet and an owner is one of the most rewarding relationships anyone can have.  We want to honor this bond and make sure that everyone who has had their life enriched by their animal companion can love and care for them for years to come.  Our pets love us no matter what, and who could ask for more than that?

To celebrate our new pet insurance, we asked employees to submit photos of their furry friends. Winning photos received a BarkBox or MeowBox. Are you ready for a cute overload? Meet the pets of Buffalo!

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