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Painting Outfits

By Kristen Alfenito, Buffalo Exchange Phoenix

In the world of fashion, it’s easy to skim through a magazine, look through a pinterest board, browse a tumblr account, or read a blog and find inspiration for your own wardrobe. As a visual hoarder and self- proclaimed fashionista, I do these things all too often. Every now and then, however, the art geek in me screams to be appeased. I peruse an art book, a museum, a gallery. These things inspire me more than anything. The following looks were inspired by well- known painted masterpieces.

Painting OutfitStarry Night by Van Gogh

The original:

A piece in oil paints, Starry Night is heavy in texture with deliberate brush strokes. Lyrical lines lend to the piece a sense of movement and the stark contrast between the rich dark hues of blue and green and the bright pale yellow of the moon make this a dynamic piece; one instantly recognized by many.

Painting OutfitThe clothes:

I used a midnight blue velvet blazer that reminded me of the richness of this painting, and a pale yellow button up for a pop of dynamic color. Top it all off with a vintage embroidered tie with an ink splatter design to add some extra texture, black pants for darkness, and cuffed them at a cropped length for some extra whimsy.

Painting Outfit Jackson Pollock

The original:

Pollock decided to stop naming his pieces when he felt too many people were reading too much into the meaning of their titles. A contemporary painter, Pollock was known for his large scale canvases also rich in texture, thanks to his drip painting technique. Most of his pieces were in black, white and grey, though some of them also included accents of primary color; particularly blue and yellow.

Painting OutfitThe clothes:

Black, white and grey ink splattered skinny jeans to mimic overall look and feel, an ink splattered top in a large blousy cut, and red heels, with a blue and yellow necklace to add that pop of primary color.

Painting OutfitWaterlillies by Monet

The original:

As an impressionist painter, Monet spent his last thirty years of his life depicting beautiful images of his own flower garden. The images were in a dreamy feminine color pallet consisting of blue-greens, purples and pale pinks. A series of impressionist style paintings, they are characterized by small, thin brush strokes, open composition, and lend the viewer a sense of passage of time.

Painting OutfitThe clothes:

The color pallet overall mimics that of the series, with a multitude of greens, purples and pink. The flowy, floral blouse reminds one of the texture and overall mood. The scarf adds depth and dimension to the outfit, and the pink jacket adds structure to the overall look. It’s feminine and dreamy, yet structured and professional.

Painting OutfitMarilyn Monroe prints by Warhol

The original:

Warhol was the king of pop art. His prints and paintings were characterized by bright saturated colors, and explored the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. A series of diptychs, 50 images in all were created from a single publicity photo of Marilyn. On the left, you see a series of brightly colored images, whereas on the right the images are all in black and white.

The clothes:

Overall, the look is a super bright color blocking scheme in a similar color pallet. Bright pink, orange, red, yellow and blue all seem to compete with one another, and are paired with black accessories to break up the lines. The length of the dress and the extreme plunge of the neck line add a flair of melodrama, which pair nicely with the sky high platform wedges.

Painting OutfitDancers in Pink by Degas

The original:

Degas painted many things, but most popular of his pieces, were the ones depicting ballerinas. He found beauty in the mundane, and therefore these beautiful dancers were often captured behind the scenes doing very ordinary things like lacing up their shoes, waiting in the wings of the stage, etc. In muted color tones, the images were soft and romantic, yet bold and dynamic.

Painting OutfitThe clothes:

A sheer pink top tucked neatly into a sheer layered ballerina skirt, with a beige toned frilly cardigan. The black tights and lace up shoes add a more romantic- yet- practical feel to this look, and I added a sweet little corsage on her wrist for that little extra touch of femininity.