Packing a Capsule Wardrobe

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By Sophie, Buffalo Exchange Eugene

1 suitcase, 10 items, and 7 awesome outfits.

Getting back to the basics is a huge trend right now, especially the idea of a capsule wardrobe. What is a capsule wardrobe? Basically, you simplify your closet into a small curated collection including: a theme, basic staple pieces that aren’t print heavy, and a knock-out piece! Of course, not everyone can strip down to just a few clothing items, so we decided to go minimal for a week-long vacay! For our trip, we wanted to keep the outfit combinations fun and versatile. We picked a cool retro suitcase and packed it with a leather jacket, two great basic tops, a fun jumpsuit (our knock-out piece), two pairs of classic shorts, and three pairs of shoes.

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 7

Day one: We made this outfit work for a full day of traveling and exploring. The sneakers add a level of comfort and the fringe mixed with the leather jacket gives a fun, punk vibe.

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 6

Day two:  We disguised our statement jumpsuit by wearing our blouse over it! This outfit is more of a boho look and lets us save the jumpsuit surprise for later—no one will know!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 5

Day three: Now that you’re starting to know your way around, we paired our chambray button-down with the jean shorts. The heels add a little spice to this classic outfit, but it’s kept a little quirky with the mixing of denim pieces.

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 4

Day four: Our chambray button-down is back, but in a whole new style! The leather jacket and booties make the blouse look a little edgier and everything still matches!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 3

Day five: The jumpsuit is still waiting for its full reveal, but when we paired it with the fringe top and jacket there is this playful feel to the ensemble. The heels add some elegance and you can even punch it up with some layered necklaces.

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 2

Day six: This is our most casual day, so our light, off-the-shoulder blouse paired with classic shorts are the way to go! The sneakers will let you run around all day and night.

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Capsule Wardrobe 1

Day seven: The moment we have all been waiting for the whole trip—the jumpsuit has finally made its appearance! This shows that a big statement piece like a jumpsuit can be worn in many different ways, so it doesn’t seem as if you’re repeating outfits. Enjoy the comfort of simplicity and pair it with some neutral booties. This is a look that could make it through an entire plane ride and still have you looking fab at the terminal!

Taking a long trip doesn’t mean that you have to pack your entire outfit. To create a small travel-capsule wardrobe like ours: create a color scheme, don’t overuse prints, pick your staples, and add a standout piece—the rest is easy! Happy travels!