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Outfit Today, Costume Tomorrow

By Buffalo Exchange Tucson (Campus)

You’ve looked through the Halloween racks, but have you checked every rack? We put together three Halloween outfits using every day outfits and some fantastic Halloween accessories. You can find similar clothing and accessories at your local Buffalo Exchange.


Buffalo Exchange

Go from boho chic with normcore accents to a stunning Greek goddess this Halloween. Using a pleated dress as the staple piece, add luxe gold accessories like strappy sandals, and a little greenery as a crown.

Buffalo Exchange


Grab a simple red dress (or any other color under the rainbow), and add a pretty apron to create this 50s housewife look. Don’t forget your pumps, gloves, and cocktail jewelry. Can anyone say “I love Lucy?”


Buffalo Exchange


Take your white lace dress from western-inspired to angel sweet on Halloween night. All that’s needed is a pair of wings and simple crown (with or without flowers).

Stop by your local Buffalo Exchange for tons of Halloween costumes and accessories, DIY inspiration, and new and recycled clothing! Visit our locations page to find a store near you.