One Piece, Three Costumes, Scary Savings

By Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

Let’s face it – bagged costumes can be cute and convenient, but if you’re planning on attending several parties and want a different costume for each, they can really add up. What if you could create three different looks for less than the cost of one bagged costume?

We took a common item –  a white blouse with a peter pan collar – and used it for three different character costumes: a Coven Witch from American Horror Story, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family and Eleven from Stranger Things.

For the Coven Witch, we paired the white blouse with a black dress, black ankle booties, a black wide brimmed hat and black tights. You probably already have most of these items in your closet and, even if you have to buy a couple things, you’ll definitely want to wear them again this fall.

Buffalo ExchangeAtlanta American Horror Story Coven Witch Costume

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta American Horror Story Coven Witch Costume DIY

For Wednesday Addams, we recycled the black dress from our Coven costume, then added white socks and Wednesday’s signature pigtail braids. This one’s a Halloween classic that’s instantly recognizable.

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta Wednesday Addams Costume

For Eleven from Stranger Things, we paired the blouse with a pink dress, the same white knee socks from Wednesday and a blue Members Only jacket. Then, we completed the outfit with sneakers and a shoulder-length blonde wig. You can buy a box of Eggo waffles as a prop (yum!) or find an image online and make your own like we did! This costume is guaranteed to be popular this Halloween.

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Buffalo Exchange Atlanta Stranger Things Eleven Costume DIY