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On the Road: Week Six

Our 40th anniversary tour crew member, Inara is rocking this playlist today:

  1. “Ambulance” My Chemical Romance
  2. “Instant Crush” Daft Punk
  3. “Be a Boy” Robbie Williams
  4. “Just Like Fred Astair” James
  5. “Juxtaposed with U” Super Furry Animals
  6. “The Game of Love” Daft Punk
  7. “The Magnificent Seven” The Clash
  8. “Ordinary World” Duran Duran
  9. “House of Wolves” My Chemical Romance
  10. “Me and My Monkey” Robbie Williams




Inara enjoys trips to the dog park with her four dogs, in her vintage Volkswagen bus. She is also a collector of psychedelic posters and ephemera from the 1960s music scene. Turquoise jewelry is her accessory of choice.