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On the Road: Week Four

Our 40th anniversary tour crew member, Dana is rocking this playlist today!

  1. “Thank the Day” New Riders of the Purple Sage
  2. “Pearly Queen” Traffic
  3. “Wild Night” Van Morrison
  4. “Late in the Evening” Paul Simon
  5. “Luck In My Eyes” k.d. Lang
  6. “Heading for the Light” Traveling Wilburys
  7. “Carey” Joni Mitchell
  8. “I Won’t Be Home No More” Hank Williams
  9. “If You Want to Sing Out” Cat Sevens
  10. “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You” Bob Dylan

Buffalo Exchange

Dana loves color, design, and a good mac & cheese. She recently started an accordion collection, has a slight thrift store addiction, and a punny sense of humor. She often finds herself asking, “Does this come in any other colors?” and usually gets a disappointing answer.