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By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Buffalo Exchange

Here in the Old Pueblo (aka Tucson) our summer is slowly changing to fall. We know this because we occasionally have a thoughtful draft of cool air brush against our faces and limbs as we venture outside in the evenings. We know this because our cars are no longer 130 degrees inside when we climb into them after an outing to the grocery store. We know this because we have naturally cut back (just a little bit) on how much water we are drinking every day.

Buffalo Exchange

The weather changes in the desert are so subtle that you have to be quiet and pay attention to them or you miss them. Right now the harvests of summer are abundant and we have lots of prickly pear fruit, called ‘tuna’, to gather and feed to our tortoises or turn into bright syrups and jams. Our annoyingly loud cicadas have almost stopped buzzing, although other odd beetles and flying insects have made an appearance along with a lot of mosquitoes. Our bugs are not the most lovable……….

Buffalo Exchange

And finally, fall heralds the appearance of the September Gem and Mineral show. It’s a very small version of the world famous event we host in February each year. You never know though what you might find…..maybe something to go with this great squash blossom necklace?