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Off Topic: Wes Anderson

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange TempeWes Anderson Film ImageI’m no film critic, but the other day I was chewing on a question that had a critic-y flavor: “What makes a movie great?” Is it huge box office?  Oscars?  A good rating on Rotten Tomatoes? I concluded that, for me, it just has to pass the childishly simple test of “Will I want to watch it again?”

There are loads of films I respect – and have zero desire to revisit.  But the ability to create a movie that continually draws you back – now that’s a skill, probably a filmmaker’s greatest skill – and that’s where director Wes Anderson shines.

Wes Anderson Film Image

Think about your favorite flicks.  Some give you a main character whose shoes you can step right into. Some surround you with a group of characters that are fun to tag along with.   But a rare few actually transport you to a whole new place.  Fortunately for us, that’s Wes Anderson’s specialty, and his latest film, “Moonrise Kingdom” doesn’t disappoint.

The vividly realized island of New Penzance backdrops an adventure tale of childhood romance that upends an entire community.  Each scene is presented with the refreshing “ta-da!” aplomb of a grade schooler’s handcrafted diorama.  Be it Rushmore Academy, the Tennenbaum home, or New Penzance, Anderson has a flair for creating worlds we want to revisit – places for our imagination to roam.Wes Anderson Film ImageImages via, The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) – Touchstone Pictures, Rushmore (1998) – Touchstone Pictures