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Off Topic: Free Parking

Buffalo ExchangeBoard games are fiendishly underrated.  They provide just enough diversion to effectively distract adults from acting like, well, adults.  And that’s always a good thing.

There are plenty of fun ones out there, but I usually prefer the classics (you get to sidestep that boring “explanation of the rules” period and dive straight in). The most famous of these classics is Monopoly, and the first thing people say when a game is afoot is “Ooh, I’m the Dog” (or the Thimble, the Racecar, or what-have-you). Everyone seems to have a game token that they’ve adopted as theirs. Well hang on to your Top Hat, because that favorite token of yours may be passing Go for the last time.

Buffalo ExchangeOn February 6th, Hasbro will announce which one of the classic game pieces will get the axe. You can vote to save yours on Facebook. As of now, it looks like a three horse race between the Boot, Wheelbarrow and Iron. While voting, you can also chime in on what the replacement token will be. The nominees are: Robot, Diamond Ring, Cat, Helicopter or Guitar. There may be too many feline fanatics out there for anything but the Cat to fill the spot, but we’ll soon find out (personally, I’m rooting Robot).

Monopoly last voted a new piece in back in 1999, when they added the Sack of Money (winning over Piggy Bank and Biplane), which stuck around through 2007. Previous pieces to be retired include the Lantern, Purse and Rocking Horse.

I’ll end with a little random trivia:

  • The tokens were originally created by a company that made charms for bracelets
  • The Cannon and Battleship tokens were repurposed from a failed Parker Brothers war game called Conflict
  • The Australian edition of Monopoly includes a Koala token

Buffalo ExchangeAnd yep, that’s me as Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr. Monopoly, for a Buffalo Halloween party. Ah Halloween, another diversion that effectively distracts adults from acting like adults. And whether you live on Baltic or Boardwalk, that’s always a good thing.

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