Now & Then: Get Inspired!

Written & Photographed by Karen Garanzuay Madrigal, Buffalo Exchange San Antonio

Vintage ShirtsOne of the most interesting things about being a Buyer for Buffalo Exchange is the vast array of clothing & accessory styles that we see come across our buy counter each & every day. From Vintage to Retro, Handmade to Current . . . being able to view these fashions in the flesh is truly awesome & awe-inspiring! As of lately, I’ve noticed that here at Buffalo Exchange, San Antonio certain retro & vintage pieces that we have bought into our store eerily mirror (or seem to greatly influence) much of the new merchandise items that we have been selling.

Vintage ShirtsOn the right, is a 90’s black & white sheer polyester blouse with an all-over animal print that appears quite similar (in fabric, cut & print) to our new merchandise blouse (on the left) by the brand, Timing. Something as simple as a pocket detailing added to the piece really does give this look an extra appeal!

Vintage ShirtsHere in Texas we sure do adore our western wear. The new merchandise black blouse on the left really caught my eye when we received it (it’s even designed by one of my favorite new merchandise brands, The Hanger). Pictured next to it, is a classic western blouse we bought in from one of our lovely customers. Same collar & button detailing, yet the current version gave the blouse just a bit of a hi-low fit and yet again . . . that great oversized pocket!!

Vintage ShirtsAt our location, world beat & southwestern prints fly off of our racks! One recent trend I’ve been majorly digging is the male take on these prints. On the right, is a retro hand-woven 100% cotton shirt that we bought in, pictured next to a super current Koto shirt from Urban Outfitters. Same vibe, yet with a twist!!

Vintage ShirtsAnother interesting comeback is the dyed/bleached animal portrait graphic tee shirts! These are “hot sellers” at our store, for sure! The one on the right is from the 80’s and has the ever popular wolf howling at the moon. Next to it is a tee-shirt that is designed by Dan Mountford for Blood is the New Black. Although they kept the color of the shirt background basic, the bear face graphic (literally) screams of similarity to the “old school” version. Pretty nifty!

As you can see . . . there will always be certain looks that will never go out of style! Some of the current fashions you’ve grown to love may have just be re-interpreted in an imaginative way and updated just a tad! So get out there, discover pieces from the past and get inspired!!