New York Style: Q & A with Our Buffalo Exchange Astoria Customers

Buffalo Exchange Astoria New York Style Customers

By Andrew Bickerton

When I think of New York City’s boroughs, I think of diverse cultures, rich history and, well, pizza. Lots of pizza! When my craving for a slice has subsided, I also think of New York style and the unique ways in which individuals express themselves. We caught up with some of our customers at Buffalo Exchange Astoria in Queens to find out what they love about Buffalo, their style tips and their favorite finds over the years.

Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Deb Gingham Jeans White Boots Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Deb Sequin Tiger Jacket


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Meet Deb

What Deb loves about shopping at Buffalo Exchange is the friendly staff that helps you out with any and everything. Not to mention that it has inspired Deb throughout the years to try out pieces she wouldn’t normally wear. Deb’s best piece of style advice? Go for it and don’t be afraid to take chances – you just might be surprised how different it looks on you than on the rack! In a word, Deb describes her style as “eclectic”. Her favorite Buffalo find is a Louis Vuitton bag and sequined tiger jacket.

Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Missy Athletic Jacket Raw Hem Denim Tommy Hilfiger Bag Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Missy Patchwork Embroidered Dress Embroidered Leather Purse

Missy’s Style Evolution

When we sat down with Missy, she let us know that she loves shopping at Buffalo because there’s so much to choose from – it gives her the opportunity to indulge both her sporty side and her high fashion side! Missy’s favorite find over the years? An amazing leather Rag & Bone jacket that goes with pretty much everything. Her best style advice for others is not to let your age stop you from wearing whatever you want!

Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Zenni Brocade Dress Buffalo Exchange New York Style Customer Zenni Camouflage Jacket Denim Uggs

Zenni’s One-of-a-Kind Finds

Zenni’s favorite part about Buffalo? The one-of-a-kind finds, of course! They help her diversify her wardrobe, she says, and keep her style exciting. Zenni believes in wearing whatever she feels like in the moment and whatever makes her happy. Her favorite Buffalo find is her forest green Maxine of Canada suede boots.

Honestly, the best part about any Buffalo is that, no matter whether you’re in California, NYC or somewhere in between, you’re guaranteed to find something unique to your personal style. So what are you waiting for? Grab your closet cleanout and head down to your local Buffalo Exchange to shop for everyday staples, designer pieces, vintage finds and more!