The New Age of Dad Fashion

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion Printed Shirts Hawaiian Button-Ups

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ; Clothing from Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Calling all dads! Are you hip to the jive? Are you jiggy with it? You bet you are! If you’re rocking socks with sandals, chunky white sneakers and slightly oversized Hawaiian shirts, this is your time to shine! Go figure – we all finally realized that our dads were right when they told us that practicality is important. Read on to find out our favorite dad fashion of the year!

Beach Dad

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion Vacation Beach Outfit

Beach dad is ready to catch a wave or change a diaper – whichever comes first! For a perfectly practical fun-in-the-sun look, we paired some 80s-style swim trunks with a striped tee, a Hawaiian-print shirt (of course!) a retro Ocean Pacific hat and Tevas. This Patagonia messenger bag makes for a surreptitious way to tote diapers, sand toys and sunscreen for the whole family. Dad fashion done right!

Dad on the Go

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion Dino Pocket Tee Vans

For the dad with a million and one things to do, you can’t beat these Columbia shorts (easy to clean!) and this dinosaur pocket tee. Not only is your kid sure to love it, but the pocket makes a great place to store a pacifier. Finish off the look with a beige Disney hat (VERY 90s dad, if you ask us), comfy Vans and couch potato-print socks to express what you’d rather be doing.

Sailor Dad

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion 4th of July Outfit Sailboat Print Shorts

Whether you’re dropping the kids off with the grandparents and setting sail in your dream yacht or just enjoying the weekend in your own backyard, we love this look. Vintage sailboat-print shorts, a gingham button-up and a red, white and blue 5-panel hat will take your dad fashion to the next level all summer long.

Date Dad

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion Date Night Outfit

On the rare occasion that you actually get to take a night off with your SO, we recommend classing up your act with a microprint button-up, slim-fit shorts and simple suede sneakers. With an outfit this easy, all you need to worry about is deciding what to do with your evening. Enjoy your night off, dad – you deserve it!


Vacation Dad Fashion

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion Walrus Button-Up

Bring up the fun factor on your next vacation with this fantastic walrus-print button up, equally perfect for chilling poolside or making a trip to the aquarium. Pair with slip-ons or sneakers (depending on the activity) for some solid vacation dad fashion.

Relax Dad

Buffalo Exchange Dad Fashion White Sneakers Jean Shorts Printed Button Up

Relax, dad – it’s your day off! When it’s your turn to get some R&R, throw on some comfy jean shorts, your favorite tee or button-up and, of course, some chunky white sneakers (lest anyone forget that you are a very cool dad). Then, enjoy some much-deserved me time – whether that means taking the dog for a solo walk or heading out for a cold one with your friends.

As you can see, we’re loving fun prints for the guys this year – from Hawaiian to gingham to walrus – but we can’t say no to a simple striped tee and must-have accoutrements like sneakers or the perfect ball cap. What’s your favorite dad fashion this season? Let us know in the comments! Or, even better, stop into your local Buffalo Exchange to pick up some summer menswear and sell your closet cleanout (we always need great men’s items!). In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – we hope it’s a great one!