Never Stop Learning: Growing Up With Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange Careers Marisa

By Mary McMahon, Buffalo Exchange HQ

Marisa Russell remembers growing up and shopping at Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque with her aunt in the ‘90s, back when it was just a corner store. It wasn’t the type of clothes that she saw in malls and on TV, but she always wanted to come back. As she got older and moved into the dorms at University of New Mexico, she would stop by the store weekly to shop. She was tired of working mall jobs, so she turned in her application. “I don’t even know if they were hiring, I just knew I wanted to work there,” Marisa says. She saw Buffalo Exchange as an opportunity where she would never stop learning.

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Teaching

Flash forward to today, 15 years later, and Marisa is a Buyer Trainer at Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque. She worked her way up, becoming a Buyer Expert in 2006 and a Buyer Trainer in 2009. She has a love of training and seeing how employees grow their buy knowledge, their own style and even how they grow as people throughout the years. She loves seeing new employees find what styles they love and learning from them, too.

Buffalo Exchange Employee Marisa

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Giving Back

Marisa is also passionate about the customers, especially the regulars.  She’s found that the connections she’s made at the buy counter last forever. Each store donates to local charities and Marisa loves that she’s gotten to connect with the charities that the Albuquerque store donates to – she has even volunteered with some of them on occasion. Giving back gives each location a community-driven feel that you don’t find in regular retail stores.

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Having Fun

When Marisa is not at work, she loves spending time with her son, learning about art and watching horror movies. But after taking time off, she’s always excited to go back to work. While training, she teaches new employees to have fun with customers in any part of the store. Keeping it simple and coming to work with the attitude that she’s going to have fun each day has kept her feeling fulfilled.

If you are interested in a job where you’ll never stop learning, stop by your local Buffalo Exchange or apply online today. We’re always looking for friendly individuals who love fashion to join our team!