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Musings on Jewelry

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange VP

Buffalo ExchangeRecently I’ve become enamored with jewelry, for more than just owning it, but (big concept here) WEARING it. Jewelry has the ability to truly pull an outfit together.

Perhaps this new obsession has been influenced by what I like to call the omnivorous state of fashion. Meaning all things wonderful have a place in your wardrobe, it’s OK to mix and match, have more than one ‘look’, and be generally in love with color. I find that jewelry enhances the solids and puts the finishing touch on the patterns.

Buffalo ExchangeI used to only wear one metal at a time. Silver had to go with silver and gold or brass was usually just shiny and ugly. Over time jewelry has mixed itself up a lot more and I think my new ring is the perfect example; gold and antiqued silver, with hammering all over, for matching with just about anything.

Buffalo ExchangeIt’s FUN to wear your charm bracelets with your bling, mix up metals, mix up textures, layer your necklaces, find some perfect earrings, and just be your beautiful self. Blend it all up this summer and enjoy!

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