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Musings: Bugs and Blossoms in Tucson

By Rebecca Block, VP of Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo ExchangeWe have had such a cold winter this year in Tucson that I’ve begun to wonder when the orange blossoms will make their debut. It’s almost always smack in the middle of March when I first get a whiff of that intoxicating scent. Along with it come memories of my childhood, where my elementary school had them in droves in the courtyard.

Buffalo ExchangeIt also marks the official start of spring for my life and my wardrobe. While we like to joke in Tucson that we have two weeks of spring, and then it’s just varying degrees of summer, we really do have a most beautiful season that lasts until sometime in May.

Buffalo ExchangeThe start of summer is actually marked in May by the annoying buzz of a cicada. The first time you hear THAT noise, you have to actually stop, listen, start drinking a lot more water, and put away anything that even remotely looks like a sweater or a coat.

Buffalo ExchangeYes, the orange blossoms are about to arrive, and yes, I’m looking forward to what they bring; time outside without mosquitos (those don’t come until sometime in June); time to look out for more baby tortoises (four of them showed up at my house last year, turns out they were from my neighbor, she doesn’t want them back); time to wear dresses, and sandals, and tank tops, and even more sunscreen. In this wonderful, best season of Tucson I rejoice in all that is just ‘us’ until the day I wake up late on a Saturday and hear the dreaded buzz, but that day isn’t here quite yet!

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