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Movie Madness!

By Josiah Earle, Buffalo Exchange Portland

Buffalo ExchangeSomewhere over the rainbow… in a galaxy far, far away… Err, maybe we got that mixed up. But anyway, over here at the Downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange, we’ve been seeing some fun movie related loot this week!

Buffalo Exchange Once upon a time, ahem*  the other day a fellow came in who hailed all the way from Kansas! He had some pretty sweet Wizard of Oz themed tees that we got excited about. The rad contemporary illustrations were inspired by the popular movie characters and are modeled here by Emmeline, Josiah and Melanie. Josiah also travelled here from the Land of Ahhhhs (seriously, you see that on billboards in Kansas) and was enthused to learn that he and the seller shared mutual friends! Small world, eh? There’s no place like home.

Buffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange On another note, a lovely gal brought us, among other great stuff, this amazing Chewbacca backpack, which was the highlight of Josiah’s day and made everyone in the store smile and giggle. Who wouldn’t want to be hugged by a mini Wookie? Coincidentally, our jewelry buyers also sent us these funky Yoda cuffs! Here they’re graciously modeled by Megan (who actually ended up buying the Chewie pack, but she had to fight off everyone else with a Jedi mind trick: “This is not the backpack you’re looking for…”)

mBuffalo Exchange And finally, (perhaps less fantastical, but a fun piece of movie memorabilia no less,) we obtained a slew of original Desperately Seeking Susan movie posters featuring the one and only Madonna. What better way to adorn your bedroom wall be it 1985 or 2013!?

We’re getting so much fun stuff this summer. Click your heels and come see us in downtown Portland! We’d love to show you our most recent finds!