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Mother’s Day

By Rebecca Block, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Being a mom is no easy task and we really do deserve a day where Moms are celebrated. The funny part is that moms are truly the lucky ones. I never really thought that precisely before, but cannot imagine my life without a child. I only have one, but she’s talented, hard-working, fashionable, compassionate, and pretty funny. I guess I can only hope that my mom thinks the same of me!

Buffalo Exchange Vice President, Rebecca Block and her daughter.

Speaking of my mom, I work with her almost every day, so I take her for granted so much more than I should. She outshines me in the wardrobe department by a mile, and when we were both much, much younger, people often asked if we were sisters. She has aged well.

Buffalo Exchange Founder, Kerstin Block with her daughter & Vice President, Rebecca Block.

Moms are a super duper group of humans who easily deserve a hug every day, not just on Mother’s Day.

Give your mom a hug today if you can!