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Style Icon: Mom

By Frances Rich, Buffalo Exchange Chicago

Hello my name is Frances Rich and I work at the Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park. For Mother’s Day I decided to interview one of my fashion icons, my mom! She currently resides in Portland and has a style that consists of staple pieces and other unique ones that she’s found over the years. Growing up I looked up to my mom completely as a style icon. She’s taught me that style is not about how much money you spend on your clothes or what brand it is, but it’s about how you present it and how you feel when you’re wearing them. Now that I’m older, I find myself shopping the same way she does, picking pieces that others might not choose right away. I’m so proud and thankful to have a stylish mom! Without her my wardrobe would be nowhere near as interesting as it is today.

Frances: How would you describe your style?
Mom:  It is my own, very eclectic.

Frances: Who are your style icons?
Mom:  Debbie Harry, Madonna, Charlotte Gainsbourge, Patti Smith, and Gulietta Masina.

Frances: What is your favorite piece in your closet right now?
Mom: Striped shirt, a staple piece. And my leopard coat.

Frances: What is your favorite part of fashion?
Mom: You can be whoever you want to be! And you can change it every day if you want to!

Frances: Where do you like to go to look for inspiration?
Mom:  Magazines like Elle and Vogue. 1930s, 50s, 60s films, and my favorite, people watching to see all the different street fashion.

Frances: What does style mean to you?
Mom: It is a complete expression of me. The great thing about personal style is you can put all types of things together, whether it’s trendy, current, vintage, thrift, and make it all your own.

Buffalo Exchange
Me (Frances) and my mom!

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