Mother-Daughter Style at Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Text by Meghan Kane, Photos by Ruben Lawrence, Buffalo Exchange Chelsea

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea employee Bree and her mother Brenda choose outfits for each other and talk about their personal style. From the way these two women interact, it’s clear that they inspire each other in both fashion and life!

What is your go-to style?

Bree: A lot of streetwear. I like oversized pieces of clothing and I definitely prefer shopping in the men’s department over the women’s. Hip hop culture inspired a lot of that.
Brenda: A plain, white T-shirt with some comfy, distressed jeans and a pair of Adidas; very comfortable and classic.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Mom Daughter

Would you say you influence each other’s style in any way?

Bree: We have very different styles. My mom is of a more classic, clean but still girly vibe, while I basically dress like a boy most of the time. But I don’t think she realizes the influence she had on me. When I was little, she put me in a lot of boy clothes and sneakers. I was very sporty as a kid, so I think her instilling that style in me is how I ended up still dressing this way today.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Pants

So why did you choose these outfits for each other?

Bree: I chose this outfit for her because she works all the time and she usually sticks to solid colors and calm patterns. These Jason Wu pants I put on her are a mix between a trouser and a pant, comfortable yet cool and not something I’ve really seen her in. I paired them with black, cage-style heels because my mom is more of a boots or flats person and I wanted to spice things up a little for her.
Brenda: I chose this style for Breezy – I call her Breezy – because it’s a Kanye West tour T-shirt and the pants are sporty and loose but stylish. The shoes fit her style as well as the rest of the outfit. Breezy all the way.

Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Style

How has each other’s style changed over the years, if at all?

Brenda: Bree’s style has remained pretty constant, but she does pay attention to the trends and incorporate them into her style. That’s really the only way her look changes. She’s comfortable and confident in what she wears and that looks good on her.
Bree: I think she’s kept the same style, never going too far out of the box but always looking put together. She keeps it simple. If anything, I think her style has improved as time has passed. Of course, if she puts on something I don’t like, I’ll let her know, just as she would do for me. But overall, she’s become a little more refined and I love to see what she wears.

Don’t forget! Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 14. Time to give mama some love. If you need a fun bonding activity, how about a mother-daughter styling session at Buffalo Exchange? Sometimes, the best style advice comes from those closest to you.