Men’s Winter Trends

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By Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica

It’s a well-known fact that styles come and go. They adapt and reinvent themselves time and time again. What was once fashionable many decades ago comes back with a new life and purpose. This philosophy of bringing back older styles and making them new again is what keeps us in style at Buffalo Exchange.

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In menswear this winter it’s all about the super groovy 70s style, such as warm buttery fall colors on fringe jackets, flared denim or corduroy bell bottoms paired with western shirts, and leather boots. This season showcases colors such as creamy yellow/tans, deep burgundy, and vintage washed blacks. Being eclectic and staying from the basics keeps fashion fun.

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And, for our modern guys you’ll find them wearing long, oversized-yet-tailored coats/jackets with great fitting denim and classic clean sneakers. Lots of simple and clean silhouettes are wanted. Guys are encouraged to mix and match old and new to simple and funky styles when putting an outfit together. It’s all about creating a “new” look and making it your own style. Being able to showcase what you’re wearing with confidence is how trends are born!

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