Men’s Spring Trends

By Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)

Pacific Northwest gentlemen know they need to look no further than their local court, diamond, or field for one of spring’s biggest trends: athletic-inspired streetwear!

Buffalo Exchange

Jogger pants continue to score major style points—especially in sleek all-black or with subtle leather accents—while baseball-inspired jerseys from streetwear brands like 10 Deep, Bad Bunch NYC, and Black Scale are in high demand. Guys are going for minimalist color palates (think all black or white) paired with hyperreal photo prints (tropical or fine-art inspired are definitely the most sought-after) for head-to-toe sportswear looks that don’t require a gym membership. Retro sports jerseys, baseball caps, or team logo shirts also make for a winning look and are a funky and accessible way for guys to add a sporty touch to their spring look.

Buffalo Exchange

Dapper dudes are incorporating athletic vibes into their spring wardrobes, too! Adding a great pair of kicks is the easiest way to keep an otherwise buttoned-up look casual, but fun. Throwback sneaker brands like New Balance or Puma keep things understated, while the more adventurous dresser can opt for multicolored combinations from the likes of Adidas or Nike.

Buffalo Exchange

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