Meet Pittsburgh’s Style Stars

By Jessica Pruitt, Buffalo Exchange HQ

On Saturday, July 29, Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh will be celebrating local Pittsburgh style by hosting some of the city’s most fashionable individuals! Don’t miss your chance to meet @PaaTee_, @Anna_Maleeva, @Kelclight, @Lola_LeCroix and @DavinaaRose_ and shop their top picks! Read on to find out more about their take on personal style and why they love shopping at Buffalo Exchange. Their top advice? Be yourself!


Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh PaaTee_

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh PaaTee_ 2

Paa Tee moved to Pittsburgh from Ghana a few years ago. He is always on the prowl for the latest fashion and his dapper take on street style is inspired by his hometown of Accra, Ghana (the capital city) and US hip-hop. His biggest influences include Kanye West, Luce, A$AP Rocky and Pharrell Williams.

Why do you like shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

I always get great finds for great prices. I also love that Buffalo Exchange is community-driven and dedicated to giving back.

Any style advice for others?

Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to be innovative and go against the grain.


 Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh Anna_Maleev

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh @Anna_Maleev

Anna Maleeva is a Russian-American fashion blogger. Her obsession with shoes, bright colors and prints has taken her to the forefront of the Pittsburgh style scene. When it comes to personal fashion, she loves trying new things and taking risks and often builds her outfits from the ground up –starting with her shoes!

Why do you like shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

I love resale shopping because you never know what you will find – a lot of unique items that aren’t in stores anymore or, if they are in stores, the price doesn’t break the bank.

Any style advice for others?

BE YOURSELF, wear what you like, be creative. Don’t take fashion too seriously – have fun with it!


Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh @Kelclight

Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh @Kelclight 2

Kelsey Breisinger is a 23-year-old fashion and beauty blogger in the Pittsburgh style scene. Her outfits strike a balance between bohemian, glam and casual and she takes inspiration everywhere she goes. She has been shopping resale for as long as she can remember!

Why do you like shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

You never know what hidden treasures you’re going to find. Every time I stop in, there is always something different, which makes shopping even more fun!

Any style advice for others?

Be yourself! If you’re trying to duplicate a style that you’ve seen, always be sure to include a little piece of yourself in the outfit.


Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh @DavinaaRose_
Photo credit: @DadicusFinch and @ToriStip

Originally from Ohio, Davina Rose is a Pittsburgh-based model who is passionate about mental health care. When it comes to personal style, she goes for simple, yet bold and takes style inspiration from Cara Delevinge, Zoe Kravitz, Willow Smith and Bruno Mars.

Why do you like shopping the Buffalo Exchange?

It’s like a fun scavenger hunt. I love going through all the racks and finding the pieces that stand out to me. I’ve found some of the best staples of my wardrobe at Buffalo Exchange, not to mention all of my sunglasses!

Any style advice for others?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! The best thing you can wear is confidence.


Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh @Lola_Lecroix

Lola LeCroix is a Pittsburgh style icon and one of the city’s top drag stars! She regularly hosts events around the Pittsburgh area.