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Meet Our Team: Wade

Associate Manager Wade Sadler just celebrated his nine year anniversary as a Buffalo Exchange employee here at the Downtown Portland location. In return for all of his years of toil and labor, we decided to do him a favor and let you know a little more about this valuable employee!Buffalo Exchange BlogAfter transferring from San Diego’s Hillcrest location, Wade found a new home in the Great Northwest in 2007, which everyone would agree is the perfect place for him. He’s happiest when it’s raining, but beautiful sunny days may find him escaping to his workshop to refurbish and restore vintage axes. He also enjoys spending time in the outdoors hiking and fishing.

Buffalo Exchange BlogOne of Wade’s favorite Buffalo memories is one Halloween when he showed up to work and every employee was dressed like him. The outdoorsy nature of our region makes it easy for him to track down great pieces for his wardrobe in the store, like the Levi’s X Filson collaboration jacket featured in the pictures here.

Buffalo Exchange BlogHis anniversary here is not the only thing Wade’s been celebrating as of late. He’s also newly married to his lovely bride Alicia.