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Meet Our Team: Shelby

Buffalo Exchange

Shelby has been at the Eugene location for a year in a half. She has been a great addition to our staff and shows her love of fashion through her every day style. Shelby loves Free People and 70s bohemian-inspired fashion, and finds inspiration in blogs such as Little Black Boots and Baby Native. She is Pacific Northwest born and raised, and says growing up in the beautiful state of Oregon has given her lots of inspiration as well.

What is your favorite thing about your position?

I’ve grown so much through the training and experience I’ve gained as a buyer for this wonderful company. I get to play with clothes and meet cool, unique people every day. It’s also really amazing working in an environment that allows me to play with style and aesthetic. Above all, however, I’ve gained so many lovely friends through Buffalo Exchange that I truly adore and will continue to for many years.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Tell me about one of your favorite finds from here.

There are more favorite finds in my closet from Buffalo Exchange than I can count. I come home with something new almost every single day. But my most prized might have to be my Sabrina 6G lace up Frye boots. They’re super comfy and beautiful, which is great for me. I’m a student at the University of Oregon, so beautiful clothes that are also functional are a must, because I’m always walking, even though a good portion of my closet is made up of delicate pretty things.

Do you have any style icons?

Jemima Kirke is definitely one of my biggest style icons. She’s always effortlessly chic with a twist or an edge. And she’s not afraid to boldly wear a lot of statement pieces, which I love. I also follow a lot of stylish ladies on social media. It’s super fun and interesting for me to see what other fashion aficionados are wearing and how they’re wearing it.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Describe your own personal style.

I’m a big believer in aesthetics setting a mood and making a statement. I love wearing feminine pieces and big blankety sweaters and scarves with something unexpected.