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Meet Our Team: Sarah

Photos by Michael Hallsenius

Seattle Style

We asked Buffalo Exchange Seattle manager to tell us a little bit about herself! Here’s what she had to say: I have a BA in Apparel Design, had the great opportunity to study fashion styling in London for a bit which I died for, and have now been a manager at the buff for a little over two years! And I don’t plan on going anywhere but up from here!

Seattle Style

I once heard that getting dressed should be like your trying to tell a difficult story, layer upon layer till it is fully understood. That’s how I think when I get dressed all through the day. I probably change a million times, depending on what I feel like having on my body at that moment. I usually have a full wardrobe traveling in my car in case I feel the need to redress!

Seattle Style

Something interesting about my style is I change my outfits multiple times in a day however my accessories are permanently attached. In regards to both my ink and silver. I adore covering my arms and fingers with abscure pieces that are one-of-kind most all of which have been buff finds. The two pieces on my wrists are my favorite, I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost them. One is a genuine goat hide cuffingly and the other a sterling silver rams head armlet. They are with me always.

Seattle Style

My ink is hopefully only going to continue to spread, as of now my favorite is my most recent. I had the industrial cranes(like the ones in west seattle)turned into antique robots, the reasoning behind it was for a commitment to a friendship of mine(ironically with another buff ex manager lauren hendrie-whose is in the near future supposed to be getting a similar tat done) and for our/my time spent here in Seattle, my home away from the Mississippi.

Seattle Style

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  1. Wheres the profile of the Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach?Of all the BEs Ive visited the staff in Belmont Shores has Always been the most friendly.Love it when they breakout n song n sing along w/the radio lol always makes shopping more fun when everyones having a good time 😀
    See ya soon and hope Everyone enjoys the 4th!
    xo B

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