Meet Our Team: Sade Persad

By Buffalo Exchange DC (14th Street)

Sade Persad has had an affinity for jewelry literally all her life. From the time her grandma gave her a pair of red gold bangles from India as a two week old babe, she has been addicted. Her collection is not only extensive, but also beautiful and timeless. Looking through her pieces was like spending an afternoon in the best jewelry store in town…if that store let you play dress up the whole time.

Bowl of stone jewelry

She’s drawn to pieces that are unique and has a love for Eastern inspired jewelry. Her go-to shops in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) are the Himalayan Art Gallery in National Harbor and Buffalo Exchange. The Himalayan Art Gallery import their “gypsy jewelry” from places like Morocco, Nepal, and Tibet. Her favorite piece at the moment is a Moroccan statement necklace from Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange

Leather tassel necklace

When she’s not frequenting art and resale stores she gains inspiration from the internet. “Follow a blogger or get on Instagram and Tumblr. I learn a lot from working for Buffalo Exchange. If I see pieces come into the store and I want to learn about it, I go home and Google it right away.” It is also important to understand the quality of any piece of jewelry. Everything from weight and detailing, to how the joints and fixtures are soldered is a good indication of how well it was made. It imitates clothing in that context clues are incredibly important for detecting the quality of a piece of jewelry. If it appears that shortcuts were taken and the end result appears unfinished, it’s probably lower quality. Craftsmanship, especially to avid collectors, is one of the most important factors of buying jewelry.