Meet Our Team: Mykull London aka Michael Borum

Buffalo Exchange LA employee Mykull for meet our team.

By Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles (Hollywood)

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood buyer expert Mykull takes us through his closet and how his personal style has grown.

My personal aesthetic, I would describe, is a trendy culture clash. It’s a mix of indigenous basics and uniquely crafted leather goods. Many of my leather goods are a great juxtaposition to the simple and fluid clothing I wear. If it isn’t leather, I don’t want it!

Buffalo Exchange Hollywood employee Mykull

It’s also very important to me to have fun with your clothing, make sure you stay true to who you are! I hope my style inspires people to be creative and be different. Currently I’m obsessed with furs, fringe, and suede. I think those are going to be staples for the following season and you better get on it!

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles employee Mykull leather goods.

Buffalo Exchange tripled my leather collection and taught me a lot about quality and craftsmanship. Being able to expand my knowledge with this company and infuse my own personal taste makes for a killer vibe.

Buffalo Exchange LA employee Mykull jewelry.

Five rapid fire questions:
1. Who is your dream person to take a selfie with? Jack Skellington

2. Before a night out, what can’t you leave the house without? Sterling silver and leather goods.

3. Who is your style inspiration? Tim Burton

4. How would you describe your signature look? Black distressed skinnies, black shirt/tee, circle lenses, and a cute hat.

5. What’s the first song you play while getting ready? Gooey, Gilligan Moss Remix by Glass Animals

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”