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Meet Our Team: Monica

Closet PhotoWhen you work for Buffalo Exchange, it’s highly likely you not only have a passion for fashion but a clothing addiction to follow. Meet employee Monica who’s been with Buffalo Exchange for 8 years! We asked her to take us into her world of fashion and show us around her closet (and house). You may also recognize her from our “Sweet Darlin’ ” editorial in our spring/summer Zine.  

Closet PhotoI would have to say my personal style is a combination of feminine, western, vintage and rock n roll.

Closet PhotoHas your style changed since the first day you started at Buffalo? Yes, I remember going to the mall in 2004 for an outfit for my first interview. I felt sort of clueless at the time. I have always known what look I wanted, but now I feel like finally have it down. I’ve grown up a lot and it will forever be changing, but I have some items that I can never part with like my Harley Davidson boots and some Betsey Johnson dresses.

Closet PhotoWho are your style icons and influences? I’d have to say the people around me… I can’t borrow clothes from a celebrity’s closet who can afford anything they want. I’m not going to lie I love a celebrity who can take a chance and push the envelope, but a lot of them have stylists and things like that, so it’s the people behind the scenes that I respect. If I had to pick I’d say the females of rock and roll, and of course, the music.

Closet PhotoMy favorite movie is probably Zoolander, I even had a bearded dragon named mugatu. I also like fun movies that remind me of being a kid like The Sandlot, The Goonies and Super 8. Punk music will forever and always be my go to, but I’ve also been getting really into bluesy music lately. And of course I hit the dance floor when some jamz come on at the club.

Closet PhotoWhat do you like to do in your free time? I like thrifting and hanging out with friends, food and I draw occasionally. I also make taxidermy’s out of stuffed animals. But mostly I just watch Netflix.

Closet PhotoThey’re only $1. One to match every outfit. I’ve had those foreeeverrr.

Closet Photo If you live in the desert why so many jackets? Jackets are just like accessories! You need one for every occasion, just like shoes! I’m so excited that it’s gonna get chilly soon because I got a few in the summer that I haven’t worn yet. Don’t get me wrong I still love a good hoodie.

Closet PhotoCloset PhotoThese are some of my favorite dresses that I’ll probably keep forever. Polka dots are always a go to for me. And the red dresses are all timeless vintage pieces that are perfect to throw on in the summer with some cowboy boots.

Closet Photo

I have worn them all at least once! The cowskull ones are my favorite. I also have a tarantula one with rhinestones and eagle and a shark tooth, but they don’t have ties so I switch them out. I also collect cigarette cases and vintage lighters which are above on the shelf.

Closet PhotoStuds and fringe all the way. A really sweet biker chick previously owned the fringy one.

Closet PhotoAhhh shoes… My favorite of all things. I wish I could have shown you all of them. The grey ones have the most exciting story… It all began when I was on vacation in San Francisco I saw a woman wearing them and I was taken aback by them. I saw them the same day at Neiman Marcus and they were over $300 (Elizabeth and James). Low and behold not to long after they were in my store, in my size for $45.

Closet PhotoA few of my vintage bags. I prefer small purses because it means I’ll clean them out more often and I won’t lose things in them… Usually.

Closet PhotoThis is my cat, Grumbles!  I’ve had her since I was about 13. She is totally giving a grumpy face in this picture though.

Closet PhotoIs that what we think it is? I got this bad boy at work for $200. I remember searching my closet high and low trying to get enough trade for it because I was broke at the time.