Meet Our Team: Madeline Music

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By Buffalo Exchange Portland (Downtown)

A great statement piece can make or break any outfit! At the Downtown Portland Buffalo Exchange Madeline Music has been spicing up her wardrobe with fun and innovative pieces from her jewelry collection. From funky feathered earrings to pieces that she’s made herself, Madeline’s expansive jewelry collection is not to be missed! We sat with her to chat about some of her favorites.

What inspired you to start this collection?
I’ve always viewed jewelry as more than an accessory, rather a piece of art. I used to be obsessed with India and its culture and hidden beauties—I even studied Indian dance for a while—and I have such an appreciation for how jewelry can decorate your body. The more the better!

How big is your jewelry collection?
I don’t even know! It’s so expansive that I use my jewelry as decorations around my house. It’s covering every possible surface.

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What is your favorite piece in your collection?
I have a pair of customized earrings that say my name! They’re my dream earrings and also a gift from my best friend. I’ve had them for over 10 years!

Who is your biggest style inspiration?
One of the biggest style inspirations in my life has always been Frida Kahlo. She had an amazing way of turning her own body into a living, breathing work of art. I’ve been inspired by how much she put into her whole look at all times. It always seemed that her jewelry was more than just an accessory; they were pieces of an entire image.

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What is your favorite current accessory trend?
Midi rings and 90s hip-hop inspired jewelry. I love big bamboo hoops and gold chain accents. I think having the freedom to do your own thing and combine accessories into a style that’s all your own will always be in trend.

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