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Meet Our Team: Lauren H.

I’m Lauren, the Store Manager at Buffalo Exchange Williamsburg. I was hired as a Buyer Trainee at our Seattle (U-District) location in August 2007. After four months of shopping constantly, asking loads of questions, and learning the hows and whys of buying, I was promoted to Independent Buyer. The rush I had on my first promotion was amazing! I was excited to be doing well, receiving feedback, and guidance to help me be successful. I couldn’t wait to get to work every day to meet new customers. Of course, being able to select inventory for the store was rewarding in itself! After a few months and loads of training I was promoted to Buyer Expert.

My interest in Career Track was strong. Career Track was developed to provide employees skills in their current position with a clear path to promotion, more job opportunities, and to encourage and reward professional growth. I frequently knocked on my Manager’s door for more projects and directives to work toward. After a lot of training, hard work, and shopping, I was promoted to Buyer Trainer in June 2009 and transferred to our Ballard location. I held this position for a year, and with continual guidance, and learning how to create, maintain a profitable and successful store, I was promoted to Associate Manager.

Once I had time in the Associate Manager 1 position, a job posting for an opportunity as an Associate Manager position in New York (East Village) became available. I applied immediately. This was the first time I had ever stepped foot in New York. What an opportunity to continue to grow with the company I loved working for—by far one of the most frightening and thrilling adventures I’ve ever taken! In 2013, I was promoted to another level of Associate Manager and transferred to our Chelsea location. I worked there for several months, and assisted with the expansion of the store, when another job posting caught my eye—one that couldn’t be ignored. The Store Manager position in Williamsburg! This has been the most satisfying promotion of all! The new set of responsibilities I am learning about today reminds me of all the opportunities I’ve come across over the past seven years. Buffalo’s Career Track is a benefit for all who embrace it, and I have appreciated the opportunities it’s provided me. It has motivated me to take on more responsibilities and learn new skills to continue my development and career path with a company that has no limits on success. The kinships I’ve made with customers and coworkers across the country, and things I’ve learned about myself business, and fashion, are irreplaceable.

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