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Meet Our Team: Juliet

Buffalo Exchange

Hi, I am Juliet, and I have been with Buffalo Exchange for six years! In August of 2008, I was hired as a Store Secretary Bookkeeper at our Albuquerque location, beginning my life as a Buffalo! I was then promoted to an Area Assistant for our New Mexico and Texas stores, an exciting opportunity, and a rewarding challenge. By October of 2010, I’d worked up the nerve to move to the Big Apple to put another notch in my Buffalo belt and pursue music, and was fortunate enough to transfer to the Chelsea location as a Store Secretary Bookkeeper, just as the store was preparing to open. That opened the next chapter in my life and my Buffalo career. It was so fun to be a part of the Chelsea location’s roll-out process and the opening team of employees, back when the store only had about eight staff members on board! Transferring from sunny Albuquerque to the heart of crazy Manhattan is an experience impossible to describe, but it was so exciting to help expand the way of the Buffalo, NY-style. In January of 2011, I was promoted back into the Area Assistant position at the New York office here in Brooklyn, where I’ve been ever since.

Buffalo Exchange

So what exactly IS an Area Assistant? What are we DOING in the back here? Well, you name it! Area Assistants do everything from placing supply orders to addressing physical plant issues to researching for presentations to whipping up promotional fliers to creating handy checklists to tallying inventory sheets! We know how to straighten out everything from fussy evaluation templates to skipped armored car visits, and practically everything in between. The chameleons of the office world, we can be found focusing on the tiniest financial comparisons on a spreadsheet, or hauling giant store fixtures across town.

Since I’ve taken on the New York Area Assistant position, we’ve opened a location in Boerum Hill and Astoria-Queens, expanded our Chelsea location, relocated our office, and had countless NY Buffalo adventures along the way. Nowadays, when I’m not perched at my desk here at the NY office, I can be found assisting our stores out in the field—running errands, training on site at stores, or generally assisting our stores. Hug an Area Assistant today!