Meet Our Team: John Tuff

By Buffalo Exchange Austin

Meet Buffalo Exchange Austin employee John Tuff and his collection of vintage Orange Tab Levi’s. The Levi’s Orange Tab collection was first introduced in the 1960’s and the rare cuts and washes evoke the spirit of the era and inspire him on the daily.

Q: When did you first start shopping at Buffalo Exchange?

A: I’m an Austin native and I began shopping at the ATX Buffalo 6 years ago. I had always wanted to work for the company and officially became a part of the herd two years ago.

Q: Can you remember your very first purchase at Buffalo?

A: I actually can, because it’s very dear to my heart and a piece that defines my personal style. The item was my first ever Vintage Levi’s Orange Tab Jacket. The jacket has become a staple piece in my wardrobe and kick started my Orange Tab Collection.

Buffalo Exchange

Q: If you had to choose just three of your all-time favorite Buffalo finds, what would they be?

A: I would definitely have to start with my sprawling collection of Simpson’s T-shirts, which add to my funky everyday look. Next up would be a random, but coveted gold piggy bank that I randomly bought and nicknamed Clark. And last, but not least, my extensive collection of Ray Bans, which include my most coveted pair that are rose tinted with gold trim.

Q: How would you best describe your personal style?

A: I love to mix prints, fabrics and textures to create my unique 70s street style. My orange tab pieces blend in perfectly with my funky retro button down shirts and vintage band tees. I’m also really into the throwback 90s styles that are everywhere with the cartoon graphics, creepers and Docs. I would call my style Urban Afro Centric.

Q: Name some style icons that inspire your day to day style.

A: My number one style icon would definitely have to be Azealia Banks, because she’s so close to my age and she has such an ongoing trendy and fly, UK Garage style that I can really relate to and also try to emulate. I’m also heavily influenced by Andy Warhol and the whole 60’s Mod/Urban feel, which is another reason for my appreciation of the Orange tab Levi’s. Fashion is distinctive and these two personalities will always encourage me to make my style stand out and be one of kind and memorable.

Q: Give us your most valued fashion advice.

A: These are some key points that I always remember when shopping and also when working at Buffalo: Make it your own, be inspired, and FUNK IT UP.

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